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can come true through our coaching for traveling with children

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Together we select countries in desired climate regions, plan what is necessary for this, what needs to be packed, and what needs to be considered when children travel with them.

Relationship Coaching

We help your relationship to survive the travels, and also that your children will love traveling. The “social contacts” should not perish, and learning should also be able to be integrated for them.

Reduce stress

We help to find accommodations that do not have to be booked months in advance. There are several possibilities for this, which can also be planned in advance.

Career Opportunities

You want to earn money, keep yourself and your family and have a happy, beautiful time together. We will find out your strengths together.

Our Coaching

There are so many adventures and lands waiting for you to explore, and for many your heart beats too. But you can’t decide or summon up your courage, and many want to stop you or hold you back? You are afraid of the unknown, the possible dangers, especially what could come to your children? Want to create an itinerary but don’t know where to start?

Let’s talk without obligation about what is feasible!

FAQ (known questions)

We will keep expanding the FAQ, so check back more often!

I already know everything about traveling

Very good! Nevertheless, you can contact us. We can get to know each other, exchange ideas and share some experiences. It’s always nice to network!

Have you been to all the countries?

No, and that’s why we want to connect with you first to see how far we can help you. The North or South Pole, for example, will never be on our list.

Are you currently traveling?

We are always in our current base in Vienna. Where we are at this moment, you can always ask us. Let’s call you! Maybe we can even meet in person.

How do you like to travel the most?

We love long-term travel. Plenty of time to explore the surroundings, meet people and live WITH them. In addition, we also live directly below them. And if possible, for a few weeks to get a real insight into their lives.

What trips are we talking about here?

We will help you with individual trips. Package tours through a travel agency, we do not mediate, and how and how long you want to travel (car, womo, …), you decide that yourself.

Do your children go to school?

No. We had home births, attachment parenting is important to us, and they have never been looked after by others, so no kindergarten, kindergarten and schools. But if we are in Austria for a longer period of time, then they have to take exams for the annual material – at a school.

How do you do that?

That’s why we developed this coaching to guide you and help you get there.

We finally want to go!

We can understand that, because it also tingles us constantly to jet off in our legs.

About us

As a family, we have already set off for distant countries with our children at their baby age.

Free childhood

Our children have never been in a third-party care (kindergarten, kindergarten, school, day care, …) and they learn in their own way, e.B. live our world with its characteristics, cultures and adventures.


We will certainly never end this lifestyle, because it brings something to all of us on our way through life. We only have one life on this planet, and that should also be used to explore ourselves and our environment – because what else is the Planet Earth for!


So we really recognize, with all our senses, what we have on this planet and what it takes to protect it, and thus also to preserve the future for our children. Travel educates – brain and heart ❤️


Together with Karin and Joya we supervise the project “Learning Mitananda

Don’t wait long. Contact us and we’ll explore what we can build together so you can experience your own adventures and build your own memories.


There are only two ways to look at the world: either you believe that nothing in the world is a miracle, or you believe that there is nothing but miracles. Albert Einstein

The most dangerous of all worldviews is the worldview of people who have not looked at the world. Alexander von Humboldt

What is travel? A change of location? By no means! When traveling, you change your opinions and prejudices. Anatole France

Once a year, you should visit a place you’ve never been before. Dalai Lama

Nothing develops intelligence like travel. Emile Zola

There are many reasons to contact us now!